Mission and values


LCR‘s mission is to be a full-service CRO serving pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries and using all its expertise, experience and knowledge of the region in delivering fast, customized and cost-effective solutions for our clients.


  • Our people are our biggest asset. We handpick smart, confident, and driven professionals seeking every opportunity for improvement. They are treated like family, held accountable for their work, and rewarded for their accomplishments. It is, therefore, no surprise that our people enjoy what they do.
  • Details make the difference between good and excellent clinical trials. We pay close attention to details to achieve the highest level of excellence.
  • In the world of R&D, high quality is the ticket to the game. We never replace quality with quantity; our quality is based upon demanding training and consistent project management. 
  • Neither we nor our clients have the time or money to spend on pointless activities. Only effective actions count.
  • Only projects that are fully customized are cost-effective and successful in the end. Therefore, we provide as many customer-aligned services as possible.
  • Profitable business is beneficial to everyone, including companies, employees and their families, and the society that we live and work in. At LCR, we understand that the only way we can succeed is by helping our clients achieve the success they desire and deserve. That’s why we treat our clients’ businesses as our own.